The Marderschutz SENSOR 717

The simple way of how the SENSOR 717 works

The principle of marten defense by means of electric shocks has been recognized and tested a decade ago by a well-known German Car Manufacturer in an elaborate research project. The tests showed clear results in favor to electric marten defense.
The foregoing principle is secured by extensive patents, covering all eventualities.  MARTEN DEFENSE SENSOR 717 is the follow-up model of the SENSOR 700, which has been approved on the market for more than 5 years and which is recommended by many automobile clubs, car importers and insurance companies.

Mode of operation:

The electronic marten defense SENSOR 717 consists of a central module increasing the voltage of the battery to a high voltage, which is harmless for people and animals.
An insulated cable connects the SENSORS with the central module in the center of which the shock voltage is placed. The shape and dimensions of the path breaking and unique electrical power SENSORS have been designed on base of empirical studies in certain ground dimensions, thus offering a maximum strength of defense according to present research.
The SENSORS are made of heat-resistant plastic and are integrated with stainless contact plates. They will be assembled  to hoses and vehicle body parts at places where the marten might possible like to be in his nightly tours. With this installation the marten has no chance to enter the room without getting in contact with the electrically charged SENSORS.
This active repellent system (electric shock) makes any habituation impossible for the marten .
This product therefore guarantees a long-term protection against marten bites.

What are the advantages of the marten defense SENSOR 717?

Advantages and functionality:

The marten receives a controlled electric shock if it touches the SENSOR, which we developed already more than a decade ago with its unique rectangular shape and its unique dimensions. They can be built in individually and everywhere in the engine compartment „at the place of action”.

As a matter of principle electric shocks guarantee that the animals will escape.
This kind of defense is a so-called active repellent method, which ensures that habituation is not possible.
In contrary to repellents by taste, acoustic or optical repellents, where the animal does not feel any instant, sudden bodily reaction at the “scene of crime”.

The original: SENSOR 717

Advantages and security:

The marten defense SENSOR 717 is manufactured according to the standards of the automobile industry and has among others the EC-authorization sign e1 (022337) for electromagnetic compatibility in vehicles.
With this test certificate the marten repellent SENSOR 717 is ready to be assembled in your engine compartment, showing the high quality standard of the product.

Advantage: Minimum power consumption

The modern technology of the marten defense device SENSOR 717 guarantees an unique low power consumption of only 1.7 mA (Version V2.0 blue).
This is the guarantee that even in case of longer standstill times there will be no discharge of the car battery.

Advantage: Uncomplicated assembly

The marten repellent SENSOR 717 can be mounted in most cars, trucks and special vehicles (on request).
The complete product consists of installation instructions in many languages including an additional fast installation information guideline.

More convincing facts about the marten defense SENSOR 717

  • Active repellent method by means of an electric shock, no long-term habituation.
  • Developed and tested according to the standards of the automobile industry
  • EMV – authorization type e1: 022337 according to the guideline 95/54/EC.
  • Made in Switzerland according to ISO 9001 standard.
  • Water- and dusttight design of the electronics and the cabling.
  • Minimum power consumption (1.7 mA / Version V2.0 blue), modern SMD technology.
  • Modular assembly, the electrical module can be used again when you change your car.
  • SENSORS can be mounted individually and everywhere at the favorite places of the marten.
  • Applicable in trucks, buses and construction vehicles
  • When the ignition is switched on the marten defense SENSOR 717 is not activated.
  • When the engine hoods are open the SENSOR are inactive to ensure that maintenance work can easily be executed.
  • Function monitoring by means of LED – display.
  • Detailed installation instructions (German, French, Italian) guarantees correct mountings.
  • The assembly  time is about 1.5 hours when the installation is done for the first time and without any experience.

Data and Facts

Field of application:

Marten repellent system according to the electric fence principle to protect hoses and cables in engine compartments of all type of vehicles (12 V).


Creation of a high-voltage in the electronic module when the ignition is shut-down (clip 15) and closed motor hood.
High-voltage is conducted by means of a proper electrical line to the sensors mounted on the hoses and vehicle body parts.
If the marten touches the sensors he receives a harmless electric shock which makes him escape from the engine compartment.

Technical data:

  • Nominal voltage 12 V
  • Operating voltage 9 to 18 V
  • Power consumption approx. 1.7 mA (Version V2.0 blue)
  • Secondary voltage at the sensors  260 to 300 VDC
  • Dimensions E-module (incl. Plug) approx. H 10 cm W: 3.5 cm D: 4.5 cm
  • Test certificate: EMV- E1 tested, No. 022337

Scope of supply:

An installation kit consists of

  • 1 electronic module
  • 1 cable tree with 4 m high-voltage cable
  • 6 sensors, 6 contact screws, 6 cable ties for mounting the sensors
  • 5 cable ties for mounting cables in general
  • 1 high-quality contact switch to connect the engine hood with the mounting material
  • 1 mounting bracket for the contact switch
  • 1 warning stickers for the engine compartment
  • Instructions in German, French, Italian

The assembly  time is about 1.5 hours when the installation is done for the first time and without any experience.

The remounting / or new assembly of the device SENSOR 717 into a different vehicle requires a new cable tree.

Retrofit set 717z

By means of the retrofit set (additional-sensor-set, contents: 3 pieces, order number 717z) you have the chance
To secure even big engine compartments and vehicles with mid-engines, underfloor engines etc.


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